Black Youth Rising: Activism and Radical Healing in Urban America (0) by Shawn A. Ginwright

Black Youth Rising: Activism and Radical Healing in Urban America (0)

Book Title: Black Youth Rising: Activism and Radical Healing in Urban America (0)

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807750212

Author: Shawn A. Ginwright

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Shawn A. Ginwright with Black Youth Rising: Activism and Radical Healing in Urban America (0)

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''Brilliant, shocking, tender, full of poetic fury, Black Youth Rising probes deep into the tender, aching hearts of Urban America's neglected young people. This book offers clear, detailed, and effective strategies for easing their dream-crushing pain and recovering a struggling generation. Shawn Ginwright's eye-opening work shows why he is one of the nation's most provocative, insightful, and healing voices.'' -- Susan L. Taylor, Editor-in-chief Emeritus, Essence Magazine, Founder and CEO, National CARES Mentoring Movement

''For those who are tired of reading about the problems and pathologies facing Black youth, Shawn Ginwright has provided us with an alternative analysis and a source of hope. Black Youth Rising shows us that despite the broad array of hardships facing Black youth, young people supported by caring adults can be organized and empowered to confront these challenges and to take control of their lives. Read this book if you're ready to do more than lament how bad things are and are ready to take action for change.'' -- Pedro A. Noguera, Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, New York University

Black Youth Rising is a book that restores hope and possibility to the lives of urban black youth. In this pathbreaking account, author Shawn Ginwright details the powerful positive impact that community-based organizations can have in rebuilding the lives of urban black youth, in a process he calls radical healing. Readers can see how caring adults in a community setting are able to create safe spaces for youth to turn away from neighborhood violence and their own traumatic pasts. Together, young people build a refuge within their own community that allows them to turn away from the common dangers of street life and toward building healthy identities and a productive future for themselves and others.

Combining a theoretically grounded framework with practical strategies, Black Youth Rising offers a new model for understanding what African American youth need in order to succeed in school and in life. This book is essential reading for educators, social workers, community organizers, after-school coordinators, and all who work with inner-city adolescents.